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Stera Technologies is a privately owned company, operating globally. Stera’s turnover is 75 M €.


  • We have a total of 55 000 m² of production space
  • In 7 different factories
  • Our factories are located in Finland in Turku, Kaarina, Paimio, Tammela and Kaavi, in Estonia in Allika and Saue and in India in Chennai.
  • We employ  800 people at the moment
  • Standard: IATF 16949


At Stera we have 70 years of engineering experience resulting in seamless interplay of the mechanics and electronics designers and manufacturers. Added with state-of-the-art machinery, we can offer extremely competitive high-quality products. With in-house tool manufacturing, we are able to provide customized products.


We provide comprehensive solutions to our clients’ needs, all the way from design and prototypes to mass production.


We seek long-term partnerships, leading to a constant improvement of our performance.


Environmental values are important for us: all Stera factories are in full compliance with the strictest environmental requirements.

Stera Values and Code of Conduct


The Stera Group objective is to aim for persevering and profitable business by operating ethically and responsibly. The Stera course of action is guided,

among other things, by the laws and regulations in force for market, Stera Values and Stera Code of Conduct.


The following Stera Values guide Stera activities

  • Customer orientation
  • Personnel job satisfaction
  • Operation effectiveness ad performance


Stera code of conduct guides Stera activities by the following themes

  • Sustainable development
  • Transparent operations
  • Management of the intellectual capital
  • Conflicts of interest, gifts and bribes
  • Respect and promotion for human rights


By observing Stera Values and Stera Code of Conduct, we create added value for our stakeholders and increase our attractiveness as an employer.



Stera's Quality Policy

We commit our customers with good service and extensive expertise.


We are aware of our customer requirements and are committed to them.The goal is customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and compliance. Quality objectives are monitored on a regular basis. Quality data and results are measured from the customer interface, own processes, financial tools, development functions, and human resources management. The measurement and evaluation of the results is divided into Group-level activity indicators and unit-based monitoring. Based on the results, we make decisions and improve our quality performance.


Each Stera worker is responsible for their own work and its quality.



Stera’s Environmental Policy

We try to reduce the environmental impacts of our operations. We use modern equipment and operating models in our production and operation. We take environmental impacts into account when designing our products, manufacturing and operations. If we see room for improvement in our customers’ or suppliers’ products or operations, we are not afraid to bring it out.


The waste that is generated in our operation is recycled in the best possible way and we try to reduce the amount of the waste. The environmental impact of each unit are mapped annually and the environmental program is modified if necessary.


We strive in every effort to ensure that we meet the requirements and legislation of the authorities. The company’s management and staff are committed to environmental policy compliance as well as continuous improvement.



Stera's Conflict Minerals Policy

Metals such as tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold are used in many industries for manufacturing. But some sources of these minerals are in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries, and their extraction may finance or benefit armed groups that are associated with human rights violations. That’s why these four metals are known as “conflict minerals”.


Stera Technologies is committed to having a socially responsible supply chain and will not condone any abuse of human rights.


Stera commits to:


  • Support the aims and objectives of the EU legislation on the supply of “conflict minerals”
  • Do not knowingly procure specified metals that originate from facilities in the “conflict region” that are not certified as “conflict free”


If we discover the use of these minerals produced in facilities that are considered to be “non-conflict free”, in any material, parts or components we procure, we will take actions to transition products that are “conflict free”.






Stera's Data Security Policy

The most important obejctives of Stera´s Data Security work is to guarantee reliable and undistorted operations of crucial information systems, to prevent inappropriate use of data, to guarantee the integrity of data, and to minimize the disturbance of possible errors. The execution of the objectives are handled by administrative and technical measures.

Stera's Data Protection Policy

The Data Protection Policy aims at securing the handling of all personal data and securing the rights of Stera´s customers, employees and people of other stake holders. The policy ensures that the handler of such data follows all obligations in terms of privacy and data protection.

With data protection we wean securing privacy. Special attention is given to protecting personal data and making sure no outsiders have access to such data. In addition, we make certain that all handlers of peronal data have embraced given norms for protecting data and maintaining confidentiality of such data. Data protection is an essential part of data security in all handling of personal data at Stera.

Privacy notice Stera Group Oy

Historical timeline
Stera Historical Timeline - English


Stera Factory Turku

Main products

Telecom- and electronic-cabinets and enclosures, sheet metal products for automotive industry.


Core competence

-Medium and  big batches
– Cutting and forming of sheet metal from coil
– Tool design and production
– Dimensionally critical products
– Spot welding
– 3D inspection of dimensions


Stera Technologies Oy
Tierankatu 5
FI-20520 TURKU


Stera Factory Kaarina

Main products

Heat exchangers and sheet metal mechanics for motors and generators.



Core competence

– Gluing of heat exchangers
– Versatile welding experience
– Capability to deliver unique pieces with short lead time, material thickness 3 – 8 mm
– Corrosion prevention painting



Stera Technologies Oy
Asessorinkatu 12


Stera Factory Paimio

Main products

Enclosures, 19” cabinets, ventilation and other customised sheet metal assemblies.



Core competence

– Small customised batches
-Punching machine for material thickness 1.0–3.0 mm, laser cutting for 3.0- 6.0 mm
– Short delivery times




Stera Technologies Oy
Volttitie 3


Stera Factory Tammela

Main products

Elevator doors, cabins for forest machines, ready-to-install components.


Core competence

– Small customised batches
– Welded constructions
– Material thickness with TPP 1.0-3.0 mm
and with laser 5-15 mm


Stera Technologies Oy
Valtaimenkuja 80


Kaavi-Stera Factory

Main products

Components for machinery, hydraulic and fuel tanks.


Core competence

– Laser cutting
– Demanding welding  (material thickness
5-15 mm)



Stera Technologies Oy
Varikkotie 2
FI-73600 KAAVI
Stera Estonia


Main products

Sheet metal components and assemblies for electrical industry and lifting devices.


Core competence

Small and mediun batches, sheet metal cutting with TPP and laser and assembly. Material thicknesses with TPP 0.5-4mm and 3-20mm with laser cutting machine.


Stera Saue AS
Angerja tee 53


Estonia, Saue factory

Main products

Heat exchangers, sheet metal products for  electrical motors and generators, electrical cabinets, busbars.


Core competence

Gluing of heat exchangers, products with demanding welding, corrosion protective painting, working copper. Material thicknesses with TPP 0.5-3mm and 3-20mm with laser cutting machine.


Stera Saue AS
Tule 22

Email Stera staff at



Kai Rinne
Sales Manager
+358 400 820736
Paimio, Finland

Antero Laakso
Sales Manager
+358 50 5756712
Tammela, Finland

Jouni Kallio
Key Account Manager
+358 50 5756713
Tammela, Finland

Harri Tapanainen
Key Account Manager
+358 50 5596850
Paimio, Finland

Niko Tomberg
Key Account Manager
+358 40 4885275
Paimio, Finland

Jere Anttila
Key Account Manager, Electronics
+358 50 5233801
Turku, Finland


Tuija Tomberg

HR Manager
+358 400 919870
Turku, Finland

Henna Hellman
HR Coordinator
+358 40 4807755
Turku, Finland

Jari Leppälahti
Finance Manager
+358 40 4885338
Turku, Finland

Mikko Uusi-Heikkilä
Group Controller
+358 50 3700239
Tammela, Finland

Tommi Vali
IT Manager
+358 50 3387874
Tammela, Finland

Kirsi Nurmisto
Sourcing Manager
+358 40 4885138
Paimio, Finland

Marja Himanka
Sourcing Manager
+358 40 4885231
Turku, Finland

India Team

Ekambaram Gopal

General Manager – Finance



ROOM #C0003  C/ O Smart Work Business Centre Pvt Ltd,

26B, Jawaharlal Nehru Salai, Ekkaduthangal,

Guindy Industrial Estate, Chennai 600032, INDIA

tel. +91 96000 75255

Estonia Team

Veiko Vaher
Managing Director
Stera Saue AS
+372 517 7024

Mart Luig

Production Director

+372 56635759

Tõnis Tulvik

Production Planner

+372 55965889

Toomas Lepiku
Sourcing Manager

+372 51 983 500

Märt Sild

Quality Manager

+372 55 919 843

Group Management

Jussi Ohlsson
+358 400 200344
Turku, Finland

Jarkko Vähä-Tahlo
Executive Vice President

Business Area

+358 50 5674807

Paimio, Finland

Mikko Leidén
Vice President Business Area
+358 40 7201248
Tammela, Finland

Jari Isotalo
Vice President Business Area
+358 50 5693652
Turku, Finland

Jyri Kontio

Vice President International Business

+358 40 7541274

Turku, Finland

Jari Leppälahti
Finance Manager
+358 40 4885338
Turku, Finland

Mikko Uusi-Heikkilä
Group Controller
+358 50 3700239
Tammela, Finland

Email Stera staff at



Tierankatu 5, FI-20520 TURKU
+358 207 885 000
sales.mechanics (a) stera.com