Welding quality system certification ISO 3834-2 for Stera!

Welding imperfections in various locations, such as structures, pressure vessels or engines can at worst cause significant destruction to people or property. The welding process is typically a function that can’t verify the quality, after the welding, with absolute certainty without a breaking inspection. For this reason, the authorities as well as many companies require suppliers to provide a control of the welding process, which results in that the default value is technically a good welding quality.

ISO 3834-standard series consists of metal fusion welding quality requirements. By certifying the welding quality assurance process Stera ensures the fulfillment of customers and authorities requirements and manages the risk, due to welding defects, effectively.

The welding quality is composed by a number of factors. The welding quality is achieved by doing not inspecting.

  • by using qualified welders
  • by using approved welding instructions
  • by doing work tests
  • by naming welding coordinators
  • by filling the welding quality requirements (SFS-EN ISO 3834)


Stera can proudly announce that the welding system is certified in Stera Technolgies Oy’s Kaarina, Tammela and Kaavi factories, at the hands of Lloyds Register Quality Assurance, according with the requirements of ISO3834-2.

ISO certificate - news - picture2

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